Established in 2002, Askew Kabala & Company, Inc. is an investment banking and business consulting firm focused on representing entrepreneurs, business owners, and private companies seeking to stabilize and improve their business processes and performance, accelerate the growth of their businesses, attract new sources of capital or restructure existing credit, acquire other companies, or sell their businesses.  We provide a broad range of consulting services to help our clients maximize their value and meet their business objectives. We have been successful in helping clients grow their businesses and re-focus as successful enterprises. Askew Kabala’s principal staff comprises experienced professionals from accounting, software, technology, healthcare, aviation, manufacturing, and business consulting.

AKC is an independent financial services company and is not owned, affiliated, or associated with any other business entity.

AKC focuses on the following services:

  • Private Institutional Equity Placement
  • Mezzanine/Subordinated Debt Financing
  • Senior Debt Financial Structuring
  • Capital (Debt/Equity) Structure Optimization and Timing
  • Leveraged and Management Buyouts
  • Institutional Financing
  • Sale of a Company
  • Acquisition of a Company
  • Consulting and Advisory for Business Optimization

The Firm’s professional team and associates consist of seasoned and experienced Investment Bankers and Financial Professionals with numerous years of expertise and success. Members associated with Askew Kabala consist of a team having held such responsible positions during their professional careers as:

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors (public company)
  • President & Chief Executive officer (public & private)
  • Member of a Company’s Board of Directors
  • Chief Financial Officer (public & private)
  • Managing Director; Investment Banking Firm
  • Controller
  • Certified Public Accountant (Big 5 experience)
  • Management Consultant
  • Commercial Bank Chief Credit Officer
  • Director – Mortgage Residential Funding Company
  • Director – National & International Marketing
  • Owner and CEO of international manufacturing companies