Dr. DEAN McKAY, BS, MA, Ph.D., has more than forty-five years of experience in executive management, strategic planning, technology development, mergers and acquisitions, and business consulting. He has provided vision and leadership advice to CEOs, corporate presidents, and key executives in a wide range of industries. He is an experienced strategic focus facilitator, having conducted more than 400 corporate and multi-firm sessions designed to create value in private, publicly traded companies and nonprofit organizations.

Dr. McKay is an active investor, entrepreneur and author. He enjoys developing unique strategies that he calls, “10X” because of the opportunity to change the way things are done by an order of magnitude. Currently, Dr. McKay’s executive activities and investment focus provide strategic advice and include corporate governance and strategy formulation. As rocket scientist with NASA’s Saturn/Apollo man-on-the-moon program in the 60’s to e-commerce entrepreneur today, his goal is to create 10X value for organizations. Recently Dr. McKay developed and is growing a portfolio of e-commerce businesses.

While CEO and President of Whittaker Communications in Santa Clara, California, Dr. McKay developed a fundamental concept called “Value Creation,” a concept which culminated in his Ph.D. dissertation. This led to his unique “10x” return on resource investment management philosophy that has proven to enhance value by an order of magnitude through changing the way strategies are formulated and corporate governance is carried out. This philosophy is central to Dr. McKay’s success as a value creator in numerous consolidations.

A 40 year career in executive management has led to specialization in mergers and acquisitions, consolidations and integration in over 125 businesses in a dozen industry segments with valuations totaling over $2B. As a consultant, Dr. McKay have provided vision and leadership advice to corporate executives in a wide range of industries as a Strategic Focus Facilitator, having conducted over 400 corporate and multi-firm sessions designed to create value in both private and publicly traded companies.

Dr. McKay serves on several boards including the Haws Company, Southern Trades, Newcastle Capital Corporation, Alpine Interactive, and Alliance Outdoor Lighting. His career experiences have included executive positions at Whittaker Corporation, a New York stock exchange company, CEO and President of Whittaker Zyplex, Partner in the Los Angeles Consulting Group, Managing Director at Hankin & Co., and vice-president at two Fortune 500 firms: Aerojet Electrosystems Company and Allied Signal Corp. Dr. McKay founded and incubated more than a dozen high-tech start-up ventures including a business that is now in its 4th decade and still going strong.

Dr. McKay received his Ph.D. and Master’s degrees in Executive Management from the Peter F. Drucker Management Center at Claremont Graduate School. He holds a B.S. degree in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Arlington. Dr. McKay was an Associate Professor of Management at Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA from 1997-2002.