As a Human Capital Business Strategist, Mr. Coscarello brings extensive experience and knowledge in the areas of human resources and the management of people, talent, and corporate culture.  He has served in executive roles from talent acquisition and people strategy to CHRO and CXO for a number of companies across numerous business verticals.  He partners with decision makers and collaborates with other C-suite leaders to drive change and impact that increase revenues, sustainability and retention.

Mr. Coscarello utilized his Human Capital Strategies to help build out a mid-size tech startup for a year while doubling in size from 200 to over 400 FTEs in C/D rounds.  He designed, and implemented change management processes in order to drive organizational engagement and values while reducing cost in human capital.  Mr. Coscarello reduced operational cycle times by 41% and shortened pre-boarding/onboarding times by one third.  He improved the quality over quantity of hire which increased retention by 31% and decreased attrition by 28%.  He decreased applicant to hire ratios by 76% and also decreased CPA/CPQA by 56% which resulted in a savings of over 8M YOY.

As a CHRO/CXO, Mr. Coscarello operates on a PSP knowledge model of process, systems and people where he advises and optimizes the chaos with the right people relationships, systems and tools in order to scale and stabilize where needed.  He used this model when he was at B&G Foods as they acquired the Green Giant business from General Mills for over $750M.  

As Managing Partner, he founded an IT staffing solutions firm in 2017 and has successfully built out four tech stacks in sports media, non-profit, and the higher education spaces while partnering with CIO/CTO and CISOs in data privacy, security, infrastructure and application development. Most recently, as Managing Partner he launched a startup residential solar sales business that operates in multiple states across the country.

Mr. Coscarello is a graduate of Kean University, Union, New Jersey with a B.S. in Business Management.